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An All-In-One Solution for Horses and Riders

JDJ Solutions offers a multipurpose sports massage cream for the horse and rider to use before or after workouts. This rehabilitating regimen is used by professional sports participants around the world to relieve painful muscles, joints, tendons, and soft tissue.

For The Rider

Muscle tension doesn’t just build up in the horse, riding is physically demanding on people as well. Gently massage a generous amount of Equimint onto sore or strained muscles and joints for immediate relief. Apply as often as needed.

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For The Equine

Before Heavy Workouts

A brisk rub with Equimint over the haunches, legs and stifle area reduces warm-up time and the chances of muscle and joint strain.

After Workouts as a Leg Brace

Simply rub a generous amount of Equimint around the knee area and bandage Equimint will function as a brace.

For Swelling Reduction

Apply a large amount of Equimint to the affected area. If the swelling is below the knee or hock of the horse, cold hose the area for 20 minutes, then massage a generous amount of Equimint into the swollen area, wrap with medium pressure using a cotton pad and cotton polo wrap. Repeat twice daily.