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Used Daily for Improved Utter Health

JDJ Solutions offers Dynamint, an innovative formula of essential oils in a gentle aqueous base that helps reduce inflammation for the udders of cows. Dynamint products have the unique ability to blend of essential oils like Calendula (Marigold), Peppermint, Teatree, and Eucalyptus to reduce edema in a young cow, and mastitis when detected early enough. It works almost immediately and is proven to cost 66% less than the competitors.



500 Ml Cream Hang Bottle

500 Ml Cream Bottle

500 Ml Spray Bottle

1 Gallon Parlor Pack

1 Gallon Cream Jug


2 Oz Sample

1 Gallon Spray Refill

1 Gallon Parlor Pack Refill

Cows Grazing in Homer, NY

Dynamint Green is available in:

15 Gallon drums of cream
1 Gallon Jugs of cream
2x 1 Gallon Parlor Pack Bag Starter Kits (includes hardware)
1 Gallon parlor Pack bag refills
500ml Bottles of cream
500ml Bottles of liquid concentrate
4 Liter jugs of liquid concentrate (for refilling sprayers)

Dynamint White is available in :

15 Gallon drums of cream
1 gallon jugs of cream
2x 1 gallon Parlor Pack bag starter kits (includes hardware)
1 gallon parlor pack bag refills
500ml bottles of cream
500ml hanging bottle of cream
2oz sampler jars of cream
500 ml sprayer bottle of liquid concentrate
4 liter liquid refill jugs (for refilling sprayers)