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Our History of providing solutions for a variety of industries across the region began in historic Homer, NY, where a small number of products from New Zealand began being distributed in the 1990’s. With the partnership of the New Zealand manufacturer, a warehouse was built at our current location- and US Route 11 in Homer, became our home. Over the next 2 decades, the product focus remained on agriculture, but word of the quality for some products spread into other markets, and the growth began. Today, we have over 30 representatives focused on specialized markets, with coverage from the USA, Canada, Mexico, and growth into surrounding territories.

JDJ Solutions eventually took on more responsibility in the sales growth, to include working with manufacturers to develop premium packaging to match the premium quality of the products. Our packaging capabilities ensure that the products look better when they leave our facility, then when they entered. This unique set up also allows for customization without the overhead of an OEM, and creates a better relationship with distribution and dealers, as well as opens a shortened channel of communication between the market and the supplier.

New Zealand Landscape
Soon after, JDJ Solutions became one of the top distribution centers in North America and expanded to packaging and sales teams. We take pride in the quality of the products we distribute from our facility. Our packaging capabilities ensure that products look better when they leave our warehouse than when they entered. We have a hard-working team to thank for that. Though we have an approximately 30-person sales staff across the country spreading awareness of our quality brands – we keep to our roots in Homer, NY.
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