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Quality Distribution Channels

JDJ Solutions uses wholesale distribution channels, to distribute products through International, national, regional, and local supply chains…. If you’re looking for our products – there’s no need to look any further than your local farm supply store! Most farm supply stores have connections to these wholesale channels, and if not – they are able to buy directly from us. In addition, we have sales reps in all areas of the USA to assist in connecting these dots to assure everyone has a local source for the quality products we provide.

From purchasing agents to retail, we take pride in assisting all levels of our customers with in-depth knowledge of our products. From learning why our products are requested by name, to find a source to purchase, we are here to help.


Since 1967, Jobe Valves have been the high standard in keeping plenty of water in a trough. Highly dependable, very adaptable, and know around the world – Jobe Valves are the premium stock tank “auto-fill valve” that farms and ranches ask for by name. Click here.

Equimint is a unique formula that can be used for both the horse and rider. Gently massaging a generous amount onto sore or strained muscles proves immediate results in the horse’s haunches, legs, and stifle area, as well as the rider’s. It can even be used before a workout or after as a leg brace. Click to learn more!

Because most calves don’t feed from their mother, and getting the maximum nutritional intake is important – don’t overlook HOW that calf is fed! The World renowned Peach Teat nipples give that natural suckling action calves are looking for – as well as hidden benefits of not shooting milk straight down the throat, and less suckling required to reduce frustration and lip sores…. Peach Teats are the closest nipple to the real thing! Recommended by Veterinarians and dairy farmers across the Globe. Click here for more.

For a large-scale dairy farm, if you want quality product, you must have healthy cows. That’s why Dynamint offers a micro-emulsion cream made up of essential oils including Calendula (Marigold), Peppermint, Teatree, and a Eucalyptus blend. The combination reduces udder edema, an excessive accumulation of fluid in extravascular spaces and decreases the chances of mastitis, the painful infection of the udder tissue. Not only is it a fast acting, inflammation reducing solution, it also costs 60% less than most competitive brands. Dynamint is a great preventative solution to assist in preventing mastitis, when applied daily to the cow – and organic approved!

For a complete list of the products we offer, check out our Dynamint page.

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