The Trusti Tuber & Flexi Tuber

The unique design of the Trusti Tuber and Flexi Tuber ensure your calf does not suffer. The flexible tube, specially designed safety tip and mouthpiece ensure that stress, discomfort and injury is avoided. A comfortable calf and smoother process make the Antahi tubers much easier to use and learn than rigid feeders. Both the Trusti Tuber and the Flexi Tuber can be held in place with one hand and the Flexi Tuber also offers a strap-on function for a more hands free option. The Antahi feeding range also includes a quality Peach Teat Cap for efficient bottle feeding and easy transition to and from the tubers.


Beneficial Features

• Large 1 gallon bottle capacity — less refilling
• Calf size markers — to guide optimal tube placement
• Wide base and cap — sturdy and easy to fill
• Reliable valve — fast flow even with thick colostrum



Struggle-Free Feeding



The flexible tube prevents painful pressure points and injury and allows the calf to breathe easily throughout the procedure. Behavioral sign of stress and an increase in heart rate are both reduced by 88% when compared to a rigid feeder.


The tube swallows easily and the calf does not struggle making the tubers very easy to use and learn. Further design features improve all around usability.


A specially designed safety tip combined with the flexible tube enables the calf to swallow easily and the tube to gently pass into the esophagus, even with heavy hands, safely bypassing the airway. Bruising and scratching of tissue is prevented due to the protective mouthpiece, flexible tube, and the safety tip design.


A smoother process and reliable fluid flow makes for faster feeding. Shown in trials to almost halve procedure time per feed.

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