The Jobe valves range includes the following brands:
Rojo, for flows up to 5 Gal/min, Megaflow and Topaz, for flows up to 90 Gal/min and Vortex,
for flows up to 300 Gal/min. All Jobe Valves products are made to be adaptable, so they can be used in a wide range of applications and rugged, to withstand harsh environments.

Agricultural applications include supplying drinking water for dairy cows, sheep and
other livestock, cooling systems in poultry houses and filling water storage tanks.
Light Industrial applications include water supply to cooling systems, cleaning systems, car
wash systems and water storage tanks of all sorts.


A natural looking teat known as the next best thing to the real thing! A milk opening on each side of the nipple prevents leakage and an internal micro-thin valve stops back flow into the bucket. The valve never closes in it’s relaxed state and cannot be blocked. This is designed to act like a real cows teat, moving all the time while the calf is suckling. Peach Teats are extremely durable for long lasting performance.


Udder Cream Containing the essential oils of Calendula (Marigold), Peppermint, Teatree, and Eucalyptus blended as an ultramicro-emulsion in a gentle aqueous base. Formulated specifically for the udders of cows. Helps to reduce udder edema in the fresh cow, as well as to reduce mastitis ‘flare up’ when detected early. The key to Dynamint is in the unique ability to take high quality essential oils rapidly through the skin to work almost immediately. Costs an average of 66% less than the leading competitve brand.


Before Heavy Workouts, After Workouts as a Leg Brace, and For Swelling Reduction. Equimint is a multipurpose sports massage cream for the horse and rider. Helps to rehabilitate muscles, joints, tendons and soft tissue. Used by professional sports participants the world over.


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