Vortex Partfill is a high flow valve intended for use in rain water harvesting tanks. The purpose of the float valve is to automatically maintain a low level of water in the tank during periods of no or low rainfall. This allows services fed by the tank to continue while leaving capacity in the tank for refilling by the next rain.


Ideal for use with all makes and models of rain water harvesting tanks
Constructed from non-corroding materials
Built in non-return valve
Valve can be locked in off position using the lock off switch
Up to 6″ differential obtainable (dependent on pressure)
Valve unscrews from tail for easy Valve Access
Withstands water up to 140°F

Item Codes

J-VXVP112 – Jobe Vortex 1 1/2″
J-VXVP114 – Jobe Vortex 1 1/4″
J-VXVP2 – Jobe Vortex 2

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