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Jobe Valves specialize in the manufacture and distribution of innovative float operated valves and associated equipment. Click the logo above for detailed information on all products that are offered.

Peach Teats is one of the world’s most beloved calf-rearing brands. They provide high quality and authentic products that calves love. We offer an assortment of their products, click their logo above to view.

Before Heavy Workouts, After Workouts as a Leg Brace, and For Swelling Reduction. Equimint is a multipurpose sports massage cream for the horse and rider. Helps to rehabilitate muscles, joints, tendons and soft tissue. Used by professional sports participants the world over.

Antahi is a premium animal care company whose aim is to design, develop, and provide products that make life feel better for both the animal and you the user. The unique design of the Trusti Tuber and Flexi Tuber ensure your calf does not suffer. The flexible tube, specially designed safety tip and mouthpiece ensure that stress, discomfort and injury is avoided.

Udder Cream Containing the essential oils of Calendula (Marigold), Peppermint, Teatree, and Eucalyptus blended as an ultramicro-emulsion in a gentle aqueous base. Formulated specifically for the udders of cows.


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